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O'Donnell Insurance Services | Blog | Texting while driving can affect your auto insurance ratesPhoto by Lord Jim

It’s true…driving can be boring. And if you are like most of us, you might be tempted to text and drive, especially when you’re gridlocked on Pleasant Valley Road during the rush hour. What’s one little text while you’re stuck in a sea of brake lights?

Effective January 1, 2009, the Wireless Communications Device Law made it illegal to text and drive in California. If an officer sees you doing it, you can get a ticket for distracted driving. This violation could affect your auto insurance rate.

Even worse than a rate increase, the policy could be canceled if there have been multiple tickets, or if you cause an accident while texting and driving. New insurance companies will see this cancellation as a risk factor, which will result in an even higher rate.

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With June comes a big surge in robberies as people head out of town, leaving their homes vulnerable to theft. This may have you considering an alarm system. Because there can be a nice homeowners insurance discount that comes with installing security devices, your home security can sometimes just about pay for itself.

Once you have a system installed, you will receive a certificate from the provider. Send a copy of this certificate to your local insurance agent, or to the carrier if you did not get your policy through an agency.

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Remember all those silly comic strips where the family dog is chasing after the mailman? Well, this scenario is actually a reality for postal workers—in 2011, 5,600 of them were bitten by dogs.

This trend is taking a serious bite out of homeowners insurance claims, and affects much more than the people who deliver your mail. Neighbors, friends and other visitors were bitten by so many dogs in 2011 to account for more than a third of all homeowners insurance claims.

On average, a dog bite claim cost almost $30,000 in 2011. This money paid for medical bills and legal costs following a dog bite.

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A gallon of gas is costing on average $4.17 right now in Placerville--42 cents higher than the national average. You are probably wondering how you can save more at the gas pump. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a Hybrid or get a job closer to home to cut on Placerville gas costs. Some very simple changes will get you dramatic savings, instantly. Here’s what to do.