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A gallon of gas is costing on average $4.17 right now in Placerville--42 cents higher than the national average. You are probably wondering how you can save more at the gas pump. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a Hybrid or get a job closer to home to cut on Placerville gas costs. Some very simple changes will get you dramatic savings, instantly. Here’s what to do.

Drive More Calmly to Save 37% on Gas Mileage

You have probably heard that braking and accelerating more slowly will save you on gas. But did you know that the average driver will save 31 percent per drive by chilling out on the brake and acceleration pedals? According to Edmonds, which tested this theory with four separate road tests, this is a pretty big deal. Savings were as high as 37 percent when tested against very aggressive driving.

Drive Slower

Fueleconomy.gov reports that for every five miles per hour you go past 60 mph, you pay 24 cents more per gallon. When you consider added potential costs such as getting a speeding ticket or into an accident, which will in turn increase auto insurance premium, it doesn’t really pay to speed.

Simple Car Maintenance Can Help With Fuel Economy

According to The Consumer Federation of America, the savings can add up by performing simple maintenance on your car. Air filter replacements, deflated tires and broken gas caps are all common problems that could be impacting your fuel economy.

Use a Smart Phone App to Find the Cheapest Gas

Smart phone apps are great for all kinds of things on the road. Finding the cheapest gas in your area thanks to an app has become one of them. Gas Buddy is free and works on iPhones, Androids, Microsoft phones and Blackberries. Just type in your city, state or zip code and voila! You get a list updated every 24 hours with the lowest gas prices in your area.