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With June comes a big surge in robberies as people head out of town, leaving their homes vulnerable to theft. This may have you considering an alarm system. Because there can be a nice homeowners insurance discount that comes with installing security devices, your home security can sometimes just about pay for itself.

Once you have a system installed, you will receive a certificate from the provider. Send a copy of this certificate to your local insurance agent, or to the carrier if you did not get your policy through an agency.

How Much Can I Save With a Home Security System

Savings start at about 5% just for having deadbolts, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. From there, you can save as much as 20% for having a monitored security system. When you do the math, an alarm system that costs you $30 a month and saves you $15 a month on your homeowners insurance will end up actually costing you $15 a month. Look for companies that offer free installation so that you don’t have to work this into your costs.

Which Security System Should I Get?

IThere are many different kinds of alarm systems. Some will just monitor for burglars. Others will monitor for fire and smoke as well. There are even systems that will sound an alert when your sump pump, used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump basin, fails.

Also, some systems can also be armed and controlled through an iPhone or an iPad app. And window stickers and lawn signs can act as further deterrents.

Do price comparisons with several different companies when deciding what system to get. Match these prices against the savings you will get to find out overall cost. You may want to speak with a few professionals at the security system companies as well as your insurance agent to decide what your home needs.

Older homeowners, for example--or those with health problems--may also wish to have a panic button they can press to set off the alarm in case of a medical emergency. These can be tucked into your pocket or worn around your neck.

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